forestmoods pilates and equilates


Do you find it difficult to correct and maintain your posture on your horse?

Do you wonder why your horse is so much easier on one rein than the other?

Pilates improves rider core stability and addresses rider muscle imbalance which can have a dramatic effect on the horse’s way of going.

Learn to control your body and improve your balance as well as strengthening weak muscles.


Pilates has helped me to have a more independent seat and increased the strength in my core muscles. My half pass and lateral work have really improved.

ANGIE RUSSELL - Grand prix dressage rider and trainer.

I have been attending Pilates for a year now and it has completely changed my riding, my body awareness and my general well being.

NICOLA - Chilworth Riding Club


helen dawes bhsii

group 3 dressage rider

level 3 pilates teacher